Planes, trains, and automobiles

It felt like I was overdue for a new adventure, so here I go again.  I have the opportunity for some “on site” training at a scientific radar facility.  The perk of the training?  It’s in Finland!

A view of the harbor in Helsinki.  My first day in Finland was grey and overcast.  I’m hoping for better weather when I return to Helsinki next week.

After an easy red eye out of Boston and a quick connection in Amsterdam, I arrived in Helsinki, the capital of Finland.  I had half a day to wander about before meeting the school group that night, so I explored the city a little bit.  I have a couple days planned to really enjoy Helsinki after the week of work is over, so I’ll wait to go into detail when I have better photos to share.

This is what the view from the train looked like for most of the ride one we got out of Helsinki.

Our school is way up north in Sodankylä, Finland, just north of the arctic circle.  Not surprisingly, there is no easy way to get there.  The next step of the journey was a 12 hour overnight train ride to Rovaniemi, Finland.  When the train arrives in Rovaniemi, we have another 2 hours on a bus to the facility in Sodankylä.  I’ll share more details about what I’m up to for work throughout the week, so stay tuned.

Just a quick snapshot of where I’m headed. It’s not quite as far north as I was in Norway, but at least this time the sun won’t disappear!

Hey if it were easy, then it wouldn’t be an adventure, right?  To the north!!!


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